Friday, May 15, 2009

Tempus Fugit but Where?

Wow! This past week and a half has just flown by, with little in the way of minimaking to show for it. I did play with clay a bit and came up with some lovely porcelain-look plates for a 1:48 setting and made some 144th fireplaces and decorated blanket chests, but not much more. (Pix will be up later.) The weather has been so nice lately that I really found it hard not to walk the dogs until they were ready to drop instead of the just usual two or three 30 minute daily outings. Besides, I hate garden work and if I have had lots of exercise from walking the pups, I have an excuse for lacking the energy to grab shears and attack the jungle wilderness that is rapidly encroaching on my yard.  

My poor log cabin meanwhile sits on the top of the microwave  waiting for the rest of its' walls to go up. Every time I see it there I feel a twinge of guilt, but as it is supposed to rain most of Saturday and be cold most of the weekend, I think the time to finish the main construction has come.  And I promise to not even think about another project until this one is completed.  ;-D

Mini Hugs.

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