Friday, April 24, 2009

NEW PROJECT - 144th Log Cabin - Materials


I've  decided what I will work on next, and it is one of my own designs reduced from 1:48 to 144th scale. (Did I mention earlier that I have masochistic tendencies?) Photos of the original cabin are here: 

I've gathered the materials together so if you want to make it along with me, here's a materials list:
2 boxes of 30 pocket size wood matches (I used Red Bird brand). Kitchen matches       can be used but unless you shave them down, they will be way out of scale. You will         use only 45-50 allowing for goofs, but the boxes are perfect for matchbox scenes.
A scrap of foamcore board about 3 inches square for the fireplace and chimney.
A small piece of mountboard, illustration board, or thin wood for the base the cabin will sit on.
Scraps of thin wood (or heavy cardstock if wood is not available). I have part of a wooden coffee stir stick, scraps of Woodies and a 2"x2" piece of dark woodgrain I had printed on cardstock (for the wood floor) that I had left from another project. Veneer works too, or print off some wood texture onto cardstock or even use plain card painted and drybrushed to look like wood.
Small amounts of black, green and brown craft or tempera paint.
A brush-on water based matte sealer.
Something like PolyFilla, spackle, stucco mix, or even white craft paint thickened with baby powder for the caulking between the logs.
Optional: A good handful of teeny-tiny rocks from a playground area or gravel path to use for the fireplace and chimney.   
Tacky glue, scissors, ruler, tweezers, emery board and anything else you usually need. 

OK, that's it for tonight as my hairy-faced children need to go for a walk. My next post will cover getting started on the cabin.

Until then, may all your problems be mini.

Min Hugs.
minimadgal, member of GSOLFOT


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